”KUJUNDŽIC” stoves are product of small manufacture on the North of Backa (Northen part of Vojvodina).These traditional heating bodies are part of ecologically clean and rational heating bodies, these objects have special style and estetical form, which is born in workshop KUJUNDŽIC. Our stoves give special feeling to the ambient.
Final look of a stove is always a product of  negotieting, your wishes and knowledge and proficiency of our workshop.We are proud to offer a vast variety of colors and many undertones.

Tiles are made of incombustible clay, we use many types of clay, shamottes by old recipe which was used by stove-families for centuries.

All of our products are hand made.Respectable buyers, we offer complete service.Our quality shamotte products are used in baking, for pica ovens, electro ovens, etc...